I live in Moorhead, MN where my living room is slowly but surely on it's way to looking like a jungle. I've been married to my husband Chris for 4 years and we have two daughters named  Blake and Ollie. We also have a rescue cat named Tits. (Yes, you read that correctly).

When I'm not taking photos, I'm likely at home with my kids, at a plant store, or at my day job where I'm an attorney.

My ice breaker for you: I once rapped the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song to win a block of cheese at the Beer Dabbler. 

photographer, wife, mom, and expert napper

Hi, I'm Hannah!

The Midwesterner in me comes out and I find myself saying "ope" on the daily



I'm always happy to support a local brewery



I have 7 pairs and wear them proudly



I love alllllll the house plants and have 100+



my all-time favs: